Investment Advisory Services

Wealth Strategist Partners' principals have been serving wealthy families for decades. Wealth Strategist Partners (WSP) provides investment and wealth management advisory services, including a chief investment officer service, to individuals and families.

  • In Context

    An investment strategy that integrates with each client’s objectives, tax considerations, and estate plans.

  • Investment Strategy

    Focus on superior long-term investment value creation net of fees and taxes.

  • Performance Reporting

    Comprehensive, secure financial reporting to enable accountability and effective decision-making.

  • Advisor Coordination

    A wealth management system that coordinates a client’s multiple advisors and providers.

Principals Serving Principals

Taxable Investors must think differently about their wealth.

Investment and Wealth Management Advisory Services

Wealth Strategist Partners works to generate substantial, lasting financial impact to meet the investment goals of our clients.

Senior Investment Professionals

WSP's three senior investment professionals each has more than 30 years of investment management and research experience across a wide range of asset classes and market cycles. Each also has a long-term, proven track record of adding value to complex taxable investment portfolios.

Our Approach

WSP serves clients of significant net worth, typically $50 million to over $1 billion in financial assets - large enough to need a customized solution while benefiting from shared scale and expertise. We provide each client with a bespoke solution

WSP enderstands that, for long-term investment value creation, taxable portfolios must overcome the combined drag of fees, taxes and inflation.

WSP works with each client to codify goals for long-term net investment return, cash flow, and risk, all in the context of a family's plans for the role wealth is to play in their lives. We build a deep and detailed understanding of clients' needs and customize the implementation accordingly.

Fully Integrated

Our work with clients spans long term investment objective-setting, as well as plans for investment strategy, process and infrastructure. We solve for an asset management solution that is integrated with each client's total family enterprise, tax considerations, estate planning, and governance priorities.

We provide investment management strategy, direction, recommendations, and oversight. We regularly confer with, and can coordinate across, a family's trustees, major custodians, investment consultants, accountants, and lawyers. Our goal for each client is a process that is effective, secure, fairly priced and built with appropriate checks and balances.

Once plans are agreed, we work with clients to build a complete wealth management infrastructure: execution, administration, and communication.

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